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Department Of Mechanical Engineering

Entrepreneur Development Cell

Sr. No. Name of student Year of graduation Company Name Designation Registration Number Date of Registration
1 Malekar Praful Dilip 2020-21 Malekar Education and Venture LLP Managing Director UDYAM-MH-08-0002080, CIN: AAQ-6132. DIN:08568751 20 September 2019
2 Mr. Sarang Kawade 2021-22 klutchbikes Electric Vehicle Managing Partner CIN: AAY-7790 DIN: 09336930 28 September 2021
3 Mr. Saransh Goyal 2021-22 klutchbikes Electric Vehicle Managing Partner CIN: AAY-7790 DIN: 09333040 28 September 2021
4 Mr. Manish Kumar 2021-22 klutchbikes Electric Vehicle Managing Partner CIN: AAY-7790 DIN: 09336931 28 September 2021
5 Dhanashu Acharya 2022-23 Epsitek Technologies LLP Managing Director CIN: AAY-5029 DIN 09311589 8 September 2021

Events conducted during 2021-22

Ms. Soumya Kalluri
Founder Dwij Upcycled.

Date: 21th August 2021

Time: 3:30 PM to 4:30PM (IST)

On the occasion of International Entrepreneur Week “Celebration of Energy Conservation Day”

Celebration of Energy Conservation by having awareness Session on “Tips for Energy Conservation in Day to Day Life”
14th December (3-4 PM)
Attendance: 62 (Students and faculty)

Events conducted during 2020-21

Webinar: How to build the foundation of your own Startup

Date: 17 December 2020, Thursday
Time: 4:00-5:00 PM
Spearker: Manik Dua (Head of Analytics and Revenue at Metvy)
Attendees: 64

Events conducted during 2019-20

Name of Program Date Venue Resource person Name of coordinator/Dept. No. of participants
Entrepreneurship awareness camp (EAC) 9 to 11 Jan. 2020 LRDC hall PCCoE De. S. S. Lakade, Mr. Sopan Aghav MCA Dept. Mr. Sopan Aghav 12
Industrial Motivational Campaign (IMC-Youth) 14 and 15 Feb. 2020 LRDC hall PCCoE Shirish Warudkar, S.M. Katti & others Dr. C. L. Ladekar & Dr. S. S. Lakade 105
Industrial Motivational Campaign (IMc-Cluster) for MSME 15 Feb. 2020 LRDC hall PCCoE Manoj Sharma SIDBI Dr. S. S. Lakade 25
Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme (EAP) (2 Weeks) 14 Feb. to 4 March 2020 LRDC hall PCCoE AIC pinnacle Mr. A. N. Kore & Dr. S. S. Lakade 35
Entrepreneurship -cum-Skill Development Programme (E-SDP 6 Weeks) 20 Feb. to 24 March 2020 LRDC hall PCCoE Nayan Electronics Mr. S. B. Matekar & Dr. S. S. Lakade 23