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Department Of Mechanical Engineering

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Important contacts

Sr no. Name of Faculty Responsibility Class Division Contact No.
Class Teachers
1. Mr. N. J. Surwade Class Teacher SY B.Tech A 9325160393
2. Mr. U. I. Shaikh Class Teacher SY B.Tech B 9226132853
3. Dr. P. J. Tipole Class Teacher SY B.Tech C 8329657311
4. Mr. A. S. Kashid Class Teacher TE A 9822313214
5. Mr. R. A. Gujar Class Teacher TE B 8857858339
6. Dr. R. B. Patil Class Teacher TE C 9175899766
7. Mrs. S. V. Patil Class Teacher BE A 9767800970
8. Mr. N. V. Gaikwad Class Teacher BE B 9604700437
9. Mr. G. G. Momin Class Teacher BE C 7888283241
Academic Coordinators
1. Mrs. J. P. Wagh Academic Coordinator SY B.Tech All Divisions 9960309125
2. Mr. L. V. Awadhani Overall Academic Coordinator TE All Divisions 9359795934
3. Dr. C. L. Ladekar Academic Coordinator BE All Division 9049967430
Cell Coordinators
1. Mr. I. R. Sathone Team Ambush Faculty Advisor 9503391970
2. Mr. U. I. Shaikh Team Red Baron Faculty Advisor 9226132853
3. Mr. N. V. Gaikwad Team Kratos Racing Faculty Advisor 9604700437
4. Dr. Anindita Roy Team Solarium Faculty Advisor 9970178175
5. Mr. S. B. Matekar Team Automatons Faculty Advisor 9422365805
6. Mr. C. R. Ingole Team Maverick Faculty Advisor 9657707616
Enterprenurship Coordinator
1. Dr. C. L. Ladekar Enterprenurship Coordinator 9049967430
Project Coordinator
1. Mr. I. R. Sathone Project Coordinator 9503391970
Internship Coordinator
1. Mr. Vikram K. Aher Internship Coordinator 9890005989