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Department Of Mechanical Engineering

Intellectual Property Rights

A ) Patents filed:

Sr. No. Author Title Patent Application no.
1 Dr. A. Roy & others LWM- Solar Cooker: Simple Low Cost Light Weight Modular Solar Cooker. 202121043252
2 Dr. A. Roy & others A low Density Low Temperature (Deg-C) Thermocline Thermal Energy Storage Tank. 202121044931
3 Dr. C. L. Ladekar & others Portable Emission Detector & Inbuilt Driving License Storage Device 202121035799
4 Hemant Kadam & others A novel mechanical stapler-stapler 2.0 202121046445
5 Dr. U. G. Potdar Miniature thermoelectric power conversion system with liquid fuel variable area combustor and concern 202121050184
6 Dr.A.Roy and Dr.P.A.Deshmukh A Smart Sustainable Portable Cold Storage. 202121056487
7 Dr.A.Roy and Dr.N.R.Deore Liquid Immersion Cooling System for Battery Packs of High-Performance Light Electric Vehicles. 202121053766
8 Mahadev U Madgule and others Multi Axis Dedicated Machine For Machining Silicon 202131054037

Sr. No. Author Title Patent Application no.
1 V.Y. Gaikhe and IIT Bombay An apparatus for positioning and loading a test specimen 202021037234
2 Mrs. G. V. Phadtare Hybridization of line and point solar collector for performance enhancement. 202121018263
3 Dr Sanjay Lakade Apparatus for pulling and shredding plant stalks 202121012331
4 Rahul Autade,Nachiket Joshi Pultrusion setup for the manufacturing of continuous fibre 3D printing filament 202121005849

Sr. No. Author Title Patent Application no.
1 S.K. Bhoite Dust Collector for hand and Bench Grinder 201921021671
2 Dr.S.S. Lakade Acoustic Energy Wall 315426-001
3 Munot Divya BS-VI Diesel Particulate Filters(DPF)Cleaning with the Help of Acoustic Sonic Soot Blower Equipment 201921029470
4 Prof. Nilesh Gaikwad & students Evaporative cooling attachment for conventional ceiling fan to get efficient cooling 202021000018
5 Onkar Narharshettiwar Effective and efficient solution for solar energy generation 202021003184

Sr. No. Author Title Patent Application no.
1 Abhishek Vilas Chaudhari Virtual Online Shopping 201821039167
2 Sudarshan Netajee Jawale An alternative material for A-pillar of car 201821039173
3 Shinde Sangharsh Ravindra The modifications in conventional three way catalytic converters with design of combined unit 201621004962
4 Mr.R.R.Mane, Ms.S.S.Padwal,
Mr.P.U.Mulay,Ms.S.SPadalkar, Mrs.V.Y.Gaikhe
Economic,Efficient and Effective System For Production of Bio-degradable Products from Agriculture 201921004709
5 Aditya Choudhari Adjustable neck and chin support for patients suffering from cervical problems 201921006256

B ) Copyrights granted:

Sr. No. Author Title Copyright no.
1 Mrs.Rita Pimpalkar Vibrating Mechanism for Post Processing of 3D Printed Models L-110299/2022
2 Mahadev Madgule Hybrid Energy Storage Systems for Electric Vehicles 1189475

Sr. No. Author Title Copyright no.
1 Mrs.Rita Pimpalkar FEA Introduction L-94293/2020
2 Mrs.Rita Pimpalkar,Mr.Sachin Mate Replacement of propellers with fish like propulsion system L-94000/2020
3 Mr. H. H. Kadam Easy Steps to Draw an Involute L-96760/2020
4 Mr. H. H. Kadam Easy steps to Draw an Archimedean Spiral L-99454/2021
5 U.I.Shaikh Multiple choice question bank for engineering thermodynamics L-100146/2021
6 Dr.A.Roy Introduction to wind machines L-94744/2020
7 Vaishnavi Kasar and Others Kitchen waste crusher um composting machine for green waste L-104970/2021

Sr. No. Author Title Copyright no.
1 Rita Pimpalkar Geometric Transformation 11261/2019-CO/L
2 Sayali Dagade Unstuck vehicles, Quick Drive! 12978/2019-CO/L
3 R.A.Guja Theory of fluid mechanics through visuals 21073/2019-CO/L
4 Rohit Sayaji Design and development of coconut tree climbing and harvesting machine 151/2020-CO/L

Sr. No. Author Title Copyright no.
1 Amit Divekar & PCCOE Compact Paper Pulp Making Machine 8681/2018-CO/L
2 Sampada Hiwarkhede & PCCOE Auxillary to ceiling fan to get cold air 2877/2019-CO/A
3 Rahul Gujar,Tejas Oak, Monika Thombre, Priyanka Shinde,Suyash Badiger & PCCOE Design and development of EMG based Bionic Powered Exoskeleton arm for rehabilitation after monoplegia 2940/2019-CO/A