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Department Of Mechanical Engineering

Student Achivements

C ) 2018-19

  • Team Red Baron participated in BAJA SAE INDIA 2019 and Enduro Students India (ESI) 2019 and won following awards: a) BAJA SAE INDIA 2019 at Pithampur, Indore b) 2nd in Cost Event c) Overall : 5th rank nationwide.
  • Team Red Baron participated in Enduro Students India (ESI) 2019 & won the following awards: a) 1st in Design Competition b) 2nd in Cost Event c) 3rd in Endurance race d) Overall : 4th rank nationwide
  • Team Kratos Racing electric (TKRe) participated in the 2nd Annual FSEV Concept Challenge, hosted by Ather Energy at their headquarters in Bengaluru on Sunday October 7, 2018, was a huge success. List of Awards won by Team Kratos Racing electric: a) Overall Winner: First Place b) Engineering Design: First Place c) Procurement Report: First Place d) Best Battery Design: First Place e) e) FMEA Report : Third place
  • Team Kratos Racing Electric participated in Formula Bharat 2019 Electric held during 23rd Jan to 28th Jan, 2019 at Kari Motor Sports Coimbatore. Successfully completing this project in short span of 1 year was not easy, but with hard work, perseverance and determination TKR once again emerged as champion and made historic win at Formula Bharat Elecric 2019.

    List of Awards won by Team Kratos Racing Electric: a) Overall Winner: First Place b) Endurance: First Place c) Auto-cross: First Place d) Skid Pad: First Place e) Acceleration: First Place f) Engineering Design: First Place g) Efficiency: First Place h) Business Plan: Second Place i) Cost: Third Place. First team in history of Formula Bharat to Score: 943/1000. Team was Successfully led by Shubbhang Digge and 44 student members from Mechanical, EnTC , Computer, Civil and FE.

  • Techno chill event held at COEP: Techno chill is one of flagship event for all ISHRAE students. Every year students were eagerly waiting for this event to present their technical knowledge to all industrial fraternity. This event gives immense opportunity to students to showcase their talent to others. Prof. Abhijeet Kore worked as Jury for Quiz competition. Prof. Nilesh Gaikwad worked as Jury for Paper presentation.

  • Sr no. Event Winning Rank Name of student Topic Name
    1 Project Idea Presentation Second Prize Komal R. Lavate
    Prafulla A. Patil
    Ankit A. Saraf
    Performance analysis of refrigerator for restaurant by using LPG refrigerant
    2 Paper Presentation Third Prize Rohit B. Nichit
    Nitin S. Shinde
    Design and development of Cascade refrigeration system for testing at low temperature application
    3 Paper Presentation Second Prize Sachine Bargaje
    Pranjali Ghule
    Design of small scale, low cost, cold storage system located underground
    4 Quiz Competition Third Prize Komal R. Lavate Questions are related HVAC&Racute
  • Students of Team Solarium participated in Electric Solar Vehicle Championship (ESVC) 2018-19 the Asia-level Solar Vehicle. The vehicle “INVICTUS 3.0” won the following award in the event: a) Design: First - Adventure class b) Hill Climb: First - Adventure class c) Pre-Virtual: First - Adventure class d) Cross Pad: First Runner up e) Overall Position: Fourth