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Department Of Mechanical Engineering

Research And Development

Batch-wise List of Published Papers (2015-17)
  1. Journal Publications
    • Mrs. Shital Pawar and Mr. A. A. Panchwadkar, “Estimation of state variables of Active Suspension system using Kalman Filter”, International Engineering Research Journal, ISSN: E-2277-4106 P-2347-5161, 2017.
    • Mr. Kalaskar Pratik and Mr. N. Vivekanandan, “Improvement of Anti-lock braking system on rough road using Artificial Neural Networks”, International Journal of Computation and application, 2017.
  2. Conference Publications
    • Mrs. Agale Chaital and Mr. L. V. Awadhani, “Design and Development of Variable Precleaner for Enhancing Flow Range”, PG. Conference 2017.
    • Mr. Bansode Pradip T and Mr. Sanjay B. Matekar, “Design and analysis of door stopping mechanism for door in door refrigerator”, PG. Conference 2017.
    • Mr. Bawaskar Umesh S and Dr. P. J. Awasare , “Investigation of Fatigue Life of Wheel due to Nut Loosening in Commercial Vehicle”, PG. Conference 2017.
    • Mr. N. N. Kadu and Mr. N. Vivekanandan “Analysis and Reduction of Squeal Noise in a Disc Brake of an Automotive”, PG. Conference. 2015.
    • Mr. Pradip B. Sontakke and Mr. N. Vivekanandan “Vibration analysis and reduction in vicration of steering wheel of an agricultural tractor”, PG. Conference. 2015.
    • Mr. Bhosale Dhanaji H. and Dr. P. J. Awasare, “Design and Development of Flexible Bin for Refrigerator Door”, PG. Conference 2017.
    • Mrs. Chavan Pratiksha T and Mr. L. V. Awadhani, “Design modification of Bonnet Seal based on Numerical analysis and Validation”, PG. Conference 17.
    • Mr. Dhaumal Omkar S.and Mr. L. V. Awadhani, “Design Modifications for Fatigue Life Enhancement of Composite Pinned Joint”, PG. Conference 2017.
    • Mr. Gavali Rahul U. and Dr. Sanjay S. Lakade, “ Tribological Behavior of Natural Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Composite”, PG. Conference 2017.
    • Mr. Hemke Vishwas V. and Dr. Sanjay S. Lakade, “Influence of Carbon Black on Morphology, Mechanical Behavior of PP/ABS Composite and its Composites with and without Compatibilizer”, PG. Conference 2017.
    • Mr. Kalaskar Pratik V and Mr. N. Vivekanandan, “Improvement of Anti-Lock Braking System Performance on Rough Road using Intelligent Algorithm”, PG. Conference 2017.
    • Mrs. Mane Sarika A and Dr. P. J. Awasare, “Evaluation of Sheep Femur Bone Mechanical Properties in Stance Configuration by Using Experimental and Numerical Methods”, PG. Conference 2017.
    • Mr. Musale Tejas and Mr. L. V. Awadhani, “Comparative Investigation of Bolt Modelling Technique used for Structural Stress Analysis of Fastening Bolt”, PG. Conference 2017.
Batch-wise List of Published Papers (2016-18)
  1. Journal Publications
    • Mrs. Trupti Rankhambe, and Mr. Gajendra Nhaichaniya, “Topology Optimization of Motorcycle Swing Arm” International Journal for Science and Advance Research in Technology (IJSART), ISSN: 2395-1052, page no. 413, may-2017.

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